Café Princesa Janca was born, and now grows and matures in Finca Arco Iris located in Boquete in the sectors of Palo Alto and Arco Iris, right on the slopes of Volcán Barú. The Finca Arco Iris lots are located between 1,000-1,800 meters above sea level and have a rich mix of varieties derived from Arabica coffee (Caturra, Catuai, Pacamara and Geisha), each with different aromas, flavor notes and processed both in traditional washed and natural processes.

Finca Arco Iris coffee emerged as a registered trademark in 1951, after the founder, Dr. Arnulfo Arias, who was elected President of Panama three times, wanted to highlight the importance of the Indigenous Peoples, closely linked to the production of regional coffee.

The indigenous princess drawn in the legendary logo represents the daughter of a Cacique of that time, with whom Dr. Arias had a great friendship and in tribute to them, his design was commissioned.

Finca Arco Iris is currently run by Doña Mireya Moscoso, widow of Arias, the first female President of the Republic.

Café Princesa Janca