The Suárez family's coffee tradition in the Boquete region began in 1900 with the arrival of Mr. Abdeliat Suadi, born in Bethlehem, Middle East. Upon his arrival in Boquete he is baptized by the locals with the name of Domingo Suárez. He married Antonia Serrano and together they had six children who continued the business, planting 70,000 coffee plants.

Years later, his youngest son, Vidal Suárez, a man of great vision and hardworking, continued the business independently. Together with his wife Eira Gutiérrez de Suárez, who began a new generation of coffee growers in 1948 in the Salto, Boquete area. Today, the companies are diversifying and two of the sons of Vidal Suarez and Eira Gutiérrez de Suárez: Carlos and Laura Suárez create the companies Vicala Trading Corp. and Vicala Export Inc. under the brand "El Salto Café Premium". Focused on continuing the family tradition, with its brand already recognized internationally as "T-shirt Estate", and creating two new brands "Los Limones" and "Doña Eira Estate" developed to provide our customers with the best cup quality and to ensure that every sip of coffee is a delight for the palate.

El Salto Premium Coffee