At Café Gallardo we aim our dedication and passion for innovation towards the preservation of Nuguo Geisha uniqueness in a way that you can enjoy an amazing cup of coffee, and also we are implementing special processes in lower altitude farms to increase the cup quality as an effort to support the sustainability of the Panamanian coffee industry.

After picking, ripe cherries are floated to eliminate low density cherries. If coffee is fermented process, the fermentation occurs mainly in plastic tanks, without added water, stored in Nuguo under the shade of the forest at 16 Celsius average environmental temperature for 8 days, or at 30 Celsius during 4 days, then drying starts. If coffee is washed process, it is fermented in wooden boxes for 40 hours in nuguo at 16 celsius average temperature, then washed with spring water, then drying starts. If it's natural process then it goes from floating directly do drying. Drying occurs in african beds (with translucid roofs to prevent rewetting caused by bajareque rain) for 2 weeks, and then drying continues for 6 weeks in racks in a controlled environment room at 26 Celsius and 45% relative humidity.

Gallardo Coffee