The women-run Jaramillo Estate is a 10-hectare, shade-grown coffee plantation located five minutes from downtown Boquete. Jaramillo and the nearby Hortigal Estate are both incorporated under the Jaramillo Coffee Estate name and both are owned by Eira Suárez and her three daughters, Carmen, Lourdes and Nadeía, the latter of whom manages the farms day to day.

Jaramillo was originally owned by Eira's great uncle Oscar Sánchez, making the farm a precious family inheritance.

Jaramillo Estate produces washed Typica and Caturra, as well as a Typica natural and Geisha natural-processed microlots. During harvest season, coffee pickers from the Ngäbe-Buglé indigenous community are assigned to lots to carefully select coffee cherries based on their optimal ripeness. Pickers are taught about the importance of detailed coffee cherry selection and are encouraged to collect based on quality standards.

Jaramillo Coffee Estate