Kuo means "seed" in the NGÄBERE dialect spoken by the Guaymí indigenous population who since the 1950s have immaculately harvested the ripest and juiciest red coffee cherries at the Don Bosco Plantation, located in Piedra Candela, Chiriquí Province.

Tradition, conservation and respect for the land and its people are values that the Moreno-Halphen family preserve to sustainably balance the coffee growing and the nature reserve.

More than 90% of the energy consumed at the Don Bosco Plantation is produced by hydroelectric power on the site, the coffee pulp is ground and recycled on the plantation, the coffee hulls feed our coffee dryers, and more than 148 hectares of 255 that make up the plantation are protected as a natural rainforest, dedicating only 38% of the land to our specialty coffee production.

Kuo Coffee