We build a brand from the love for our grandmothers and the passion for coffee. Rio de Jesus saw the birth of Mama Oti, as everyone called her with love. Veraguense, mother of 10 children who with love taught respect and discipline. Her children and grandchildren always remember her with her thermos of coffee for the whole day that was her strength. Their grandchildren say that they all tried coffee with Mama Oti for the first time.

Mama Oti Specialty Coffee is a 100% Panamanian specialty coffee, cultivated, harvested and processed in plantations in the Chiriquí Volcano area at more than 1400 meters above sea level. We have taken care of rigorously selecting a coffee that meets the most demanding palates. We currently have a flagship variety, washed Pacamara and a limited edition Geisha variety.

Mama Oti